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Happy 2011 friends!

Hey thereeeeee peeeps happy new year! How was your new year? Mine was different again but that is what I want, I want this year to be and excellent year. It will be the best year ever! It’s also my last school year so yeah… I will enjoy it a lot. I plan to become the evil king again hehe. My kingdom is quite peaceful right now. I got new friends who are the best and really important for me in real life. I plan this year to make them my BEST friends and to share lots of things like parties , laughter, etc… Well I hope this 2011 is full of good things for you and that all your wishes and expectations come true!

Love you all!

Hey people! It’s me, hehe and I’m here 🙂 How are you peeeeeeeeeps? Well I’m more than great, and probably only Zipo will read this post so hey Zip! haha

I have been living in this world for 15 years. And I met a lot of persons in there, but something unexplainable happens with some of them. Just being with them fill me with positiveness and peace. I call them “healers”. They do it unconsciously, without noticing of the effect they provoke on people. That’s why they are always surrounded by them, they feed from the good energy healers provide.

On the other hand, there are some humans who get you down just with looking at you. They provoke negative feelings on people and that’s why they get rejected. But they do it unconciously, without intending to have that effects on yo.u. Maybe they talk to you about the weather, and still get you down. That’s the people I try to evade in my life.

But tell me, what are you? A healer or a hurter? I try to be a healer, and look for those people. There is one girl in my school who is 3 years younger than me, that I consider a healer. She is always surrounded by friends and she attracted me as a magnet. I felt the need of becoming her friend and I achieved that. Whenever I have a problem I talk to her through facebook mostly and she makes me feel great! I can’t believe it, even through a computer she can provoke positive feelings! 😀 w

Well take care and see you soon.

Back to Argentina

Heeeeeello my friends! I really missed you! How have you been?

Well, I’m great! And no longer in London. I’m in Argentina again! I am staying here for the rest of my life, I guess haha. That’s why I haven’t been on. Now I’m in my old school, with my old friends. Here it is starting winter, so I will live winter two times this year lol. I have no problem with it though. The only problem is that now I am on 2º year of secondary school, that means that I have only 2 years left in school. 🙂

I am trying to become a better person in the inside and the outside. Here is a lesson I learnt about solidarity.

There are some people in my school who are always alone and mean guys who bother them. One example is my friend whose name I’m not going to write. Acutually she is not my friend, but everyday I try to talk to her for 5 minutes. It only takes me 5 minutes of my breaktime, and I’m making someone happy. How much effort it needs for you to talk a couple of minutes to the “lonely guy” of your school?

Enjoy your weekend!